Sex with a Stranger

My name is Scarlet and I love to have sex with a stranger. It is an addiction that I have developed over the last few years as I have decided that a long term relationship is not for me, and instead I am looking for the thrill that only sex with a stranger can bring.

I have enjoyed my stranger sex incredibly, having undertaken quickie sex in all types of scenarios, with the thrill of a new conquest and the thought that at any time I may get caught pushing my boundaries to try more and riskier sex with a stranger.

Some of my greatest exploits have been while I have been away traveling, and I have gotten up to all sorts of fun and games in hotels and bars, including some amazingly risky public sex and some sex in elevators as well as multiple conquests in the same night.

I can guarantee you that all these stories are true and everything I am telling you about did actually happen. My passion really know no bounds and my limits are always being pushed as I seek to explore all aspects of sex with a stranger in whatever locations I can. Some of the sex is amazing, some very much less so, but this does not matter when it is me who is in charge and me who is the thrill seeker. As new experiences come my way I will update you as to my exploits, be that quickie sex in a public places, sex in elevators or whatever else I find to turn my body and mind on.

I do love some of the sex with a stranger stories on this site and I use it to explore new fantasies in my head. You should also check it out if you find this kind of content a turn on.

I hope you love my blog and enjoy me telling you of all my sex with a stranger stories. Please feel free to join me and read on.

Read all my sex with a stranger stories here.

Sex with a Stranger

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