Sex With a Total Stranger

My tickets were all booked and all I she had to do was pop into the ticket office and pick them up on the way to the wine tasting event later on in the afternoon. In the meantime I looked through my wardrobe wandering what to wear. It was the first time I had been out to an event like this on my own I knew that the place would be full of strangers. I wanted to pick a nice outfit, not too slutty and not too conservative and something that would show off my best assets. In the end I chose a pair of smart jeans and tight white low cut top which really shows of my fantastic cleavage.

Now sex with a total stranger was the last thing on her mind as I picked up my tickets and made my way to the event. I entered the room and took a vacant seat, however as the wine was passed around and I started sipping a rather nice Italian red, a guy sitting in the far corner of the room caught my eye. He was looking over in my direction and I could feel his eyes checking me over from head to toe. A tall dark and handsome stranger with a cute smile and a glint in his big blue eyes.

We got to chatting and I was getting more than a little tipsy from all of the wine, we flirted with each other and then something just happened between us, What is was exactly I can’t quite say but one minute we were sat there drinking wine and the next minute I was being lead off by the hand by a guy I barely knew to have sex with a total stranger.

He led me to a deserted alleyway and as his tongue probed away inside my mouth I felt my whole body aching for him. It was getting dark now and there was absolutely no one in sight and as I pushed myself into him I decided that time was now, I would have sex with a total stranger. His hand slipped inside my jeans and I could feel myself getting wetter as he fingers slipped inside my panties and rubbed away at my slit. I felt him stiffen as he kissed and probed away, his pants now struggling to contain the massive bulge within.

In my next post I will tell you more about my wine tasting encounter and having sex with a total stranger.

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