Sex with a Stranger Outside a Bar

Sex with a stranger is one of those things that you either love or hate. For me, I am definitely a lover of sex, and having sex with a stranger just makes everything so much more raw and real. There’s no time wasted on getting to know each other and even the foreplay is skipped, so that what you are left with is a brief encounter, full of pure energy, lust and passion that is like nothing else on earth.

Let me tell you about my latest escapade, where I met a guy in a bar and within half an hour we were both out the back, fucking each other’s brains out, to put it crudely. There I was, sitting alone at the bar, sipping a nice crisp glass of white wine, like I often do, when in walks this guy. Tall, athletic and although not quite what I would call handsome, there was definitely something about him. I could feel his eyes checking me out from head to toe as he took a seat at a nearby table, and, of course, I returned the favor, giving him a good once over. This was my chance for sex with a stranger.

Neither of us spoke. We just sat there, catching each other’s eye every now and then as I sipped my wine and he drank his beer. This was it…this was the moment. I gulped down the last of my drink and walked towards the door, purposely brushing myself against him as I walked past. The glint in my eye and my smile as I casually walked to the door must have done the trick because 30 seconds later, here he was, following me out of the door and around to the back of the bar.

I took up my position with legs spread slightly apart and supporting myself with my hands as I leaned against the wall. He moved in behind me and I could smell his scent as he kissed my neck. As I opened my legs a little wider, this was my invitation to him to take what he wants. Within seconds he has removed my panties and unbuttoned his fly. We fucked there and then at the back of the bar in broad daylight with not a care in the world as to who might spot us. We both climaxed at exactly the same time, just a few minutes of good, hard, passionate sex with a stranger is all it takes to get my juices flowing. And then, with a simple kiss on the cheek it was all over.

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