Having Sex With a Total Stranger – Part 2


So if you read my last post you will already know how I came to having sex with a total stranger, how I met this tall, dark and handsome guy at a wine tasting event and how he led me away into a deserted alleyway to have his wicked way with me, what I have not told you yet is about the actual thrilling sex.  Sex with a stranger is nothing new to me, I really get a buzz and particularly like the ‘no strings attached’ aspect of it.

So there we were, it was just getting dark as we made our way to the alley way and as soon as we were totally out of sight we started kissing. A long passionate kiss with our tongues exploring each other mouths, his hand slipped down into my jeans and inside my panties, sending shockwaves throughout my entire body as his fingers, wet from my own pussy juice, rubbed away at my clit. Still kissing at this point, I pressed myself against him and felt him rise to the occasion. I pulled away from him and knelt on the ground, my face now level with his groin as I undid his fly and took out his cock.

I could feel the blood pulsating through it as I held it there in my hands and as I took him into my mouth he let out a soft moan of pleasure. His moaning intensified as I sucked harder and I knew that if I carried on for much longer it would be all over. That was not what I wanted; I wanted sex with a stranger, some good, hard sex right there and then!

I pulled away again and standing up, wriggled myself out of my tight jeans and moist panties. In one swift move he lifted my top up over my head and unhooked my bra in an instant, I let it fall to the ground as he gave my completely naked body the once over and then proceeded to give me head. The texture of his tongue against my silky pussy was almost too intense and I felt myself losing all control, I wanted sex with a stranger so badly now that I could think of nothing else. Sensing this he took me there and then, up the wall, driving his big hard cock deep inside me as I forced myself against him with all my might.

The sex with a stranger didn’t last very long by my God, it was fantastic, we came together, pressing against each other as wave upon wave of intense pleasure flooded our entire bodies. After a few minutes to regain our composure, we got dressed and with a kiss on the cheek I left him standing in the alleyway as I made my way home. For me quickie sex is something I look for at all times but waiting for just the right moment!

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