My Quickie Sex in Elevators with Strangers


Like I have said before, quickie sex in elevators with strangers is really becoming a bit of a habit for me, so following on from my last post about sex in elevators I decided to tell you the other way I do it. When we stop the elevator between floors and just go for it. With my job as a writer I’m on the road quite often, I like to see the world and all it has to offer, and of course, having sex in lots of different places is always a bonus for me so whenever my job takes me away from home, I always choose hotels with lots of floors…the more the better as far as I am concerned.

When I stayed in one such hotel in LA recently I took a break from my writing and went down to the hotel bar to check out the “local talent”. I began talking with a guy who was in LA on business, too, much the same as me. Though he was not my normal type, he did look like he may be good fun.  I began some heavy flirting and began to flash him a little leg until I could sense that he was getting turned on.  It was at this point, after an hour or so of flirting and a couple of drinks that I suggested that we adjourn to my room.


He agreed in a heartbeat and we made our way to the elevator.  As we were wanting in the busy lobby I began to kiss him and as I did I slid my hand over his crotch so that I could feel his cock hardening.  Having already checked out the quickie sex in elevators with strangers potential earlier, I knew there was  a key to stop between floors. So, as the elevator moved to  just below my floor, I turned the key, dropped to my knees and took his hard cock out of his pants.

There is so much more to quickie sex in elevators than just fucking. I decided that I would instead give him a blow job that he would never forget, before taking him to my room for a little dessert!  I used all my experience and technique to ensure he didn’t last long. Remember, time is something you don’t have during sex in elevators!

He finished and I swallowed everything he had down, I had no option really, the turned the key and the elevator made its short journey to my floor so we could go to my room and continue this fun evening on having sex with this stranger.

We really had a great time for the rest of that evening but I have to admit the sex in elevators part was by far my favorite!

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