Sex in a Glass Elevator

If you have followed my previous adventures you will know that I’m totally into having sex in elevators. The need for this kind of sex to be fast hard and almost animalistic gets me so horny that I am often wet just thinking about it!

But I have had a fantasy for a while that has just excited me so much every time I have even thought about it. That fantasy is to have sex in one of those glass elevators that run on the outside of buildings. You know the kind I mean, the one that run up the outside of big buildings and hotels that can be seen from the street, this is the kind of sex in elevators that I have been dreaming about.

Well me being me I have managed to actually part carry this out, let me tell you all about it. I was in New York over Christmas and I was staying in a nice hotel, I had met a couple of guys and had some great sex but I had noticed that one of the hotels down the block had just the kind of elevators I was looking for and boy was I excited! I decided that now was the time and this was the place.  One of the guys I had had sex with was really hot and more than that, he was up for anything. I saw him once again in the hotel lobby and told him that I wanted to suck his cock in a different hotel.  At no point did I mention it would be in a glass elevator.

He followed me and we entered the lobby of this beautiful hotel. We looked really respectable so no one even batted an eyelid as we made our way into the hotel and walked over to the lift. We got in and I pressed the button for the top floor. As we started to rise up I started to go down, pulling his now enlarged cock from his tight pants and taking it in my mouth. I sucked him hard and deep until he was fully erect. At this point we arrived at the top floor. I didn’t stop as the door opened, a risk I know but that is just the excitement of sex in elevators. He pressed to go back down to the lobby and before we were half way down I felt his balls tighten and was forced to swallow his load before we reached the lobby once more.

The fantasy lived up to everything I had hoped and now I am itching to have full sex in an elevator made of glass!

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