I Like Sex in Elevators


Sex in elevators is one of my favorite pass times; in fact it is starting to become somewhat a habit of mine. I’m not quite sure what it is about sex in elevators, whether it is the danger aspect when the doors could open at any second and some poor unsuspecting person could catch me in the act or whether it is the thrill of some quick sex in elevators in the moments after you have pressed the stop button and you are stuck between floors, knowing that you have a time limit before someone comes to your rescue. Public sex does have a huge adrenalin rush.

During my recent visit to New York City, I got to put my new pass time of sex in elevators to use quite a bit. The huge skyscrapers with lots of floors pose limitless opportunities for me, the only thing I don’t like about it is that in some of these building, the elevator does not go straight to the top, sometimes you have to change several times to get right up to the Penthouse floor. Anyway, enough of my ramblings, let me tell you what sex in elevators is actually like.

I was with one of my traveling companions. We like to ride the elevator while secretly having sex, but of course you have to keep your clothes on. Not a problem for me, I just wear a skirt and no panties so he can just slip himself out of his fly. There is no time for foreplay, we have to get straight to it so I made sure that I got him nice and hard before we actually walked onto the elevator. Then, we take the elevator as far as it will go and as soon as it starts moving I got into the corner and raise up one of my legs, allowing him full access. We faced each other and I could feel his big hard cock inside me, pounding away desperately on a strict time limit.

When the elevator slowed for a stop, I would lower my leg and with him still inside me we make casual conversation while the passengers walked on. As soon as the lift stops again and they got out, we were back at it again, until he had cum inside me. Of course, if we didn’t finish in time which happened a couple of times, we would just ride again, as far as we can go until we were both fully satisfied. Sex in elevators is thrilling sex and something that I highly recommend everyone try.


Sex in Elevators in New York City

New York City

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