Sex in an Elevator in Paris

I truly enjoy the freedom that my work gives me. Being a writer and part time editor, I can l pretty much live anywhere I want. With my ‘have computer will travel’ attitude, I have spent the past 8 months in Paris. So, what trouble can a nice southern girl get into in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? Lots, I tell you, lots!!!

My tiny one-bedroom apartment is on Rue Jacob in the 6th arrondissement.  Small doesn’t adequately describe the quarters. It’s much closer to a studio apartment, but really just large enough for my computer and me. Sadly, this entire apartment is about the size of my bedroom back home in Atlanta. But, this is Paris and, this too, is part of my journey. My place is on the 5th floor of a 200-year-old building. The elevator is equally old. It takes so long for it to lift that there is a tiny bench along the back at least that’s my theory for the bench.

Ah, yes, Paris, France! The city of love…

Well, I didn’t find love. But I will tell you what I did find: sex is not only alive, but quite healthy here. Who would believe that sex in an elevator would change me.

My first month was during August, the hottest, most uncomfortable month of the year in Paris. Locals were on holiday so some businesses were closed for the month. I managed to find a few “cool” spots to hang out and write. My favorite was the café on the corner, Le Comptoir des Saints Peres. Late in the evening, it was quite comfortable to sit at a table on the sidewalk and work.

Even though I am southern born and raised in a warm, humid climate, nothing can prepare you for the heat of August here. Day to day, I wear less and less clothing until the point that I am wearing only a light cotton sundress. Underwear is not an option….it’s just too hot.

It was one of those hot days early in my visit that was my first introduction into hot, naughty French sexcapades. I had been working at the café on an article and was heading back to the apartment. There were several of us waiting in the lobby for the lift. It arrives and the old steel door opens. Being on the top floor, I move to the rear of the elevator, as does another resident. He was tall, probably in his mid 50’s and hair slightly graying. He was picture perfect handsome. After the first floor stop, one of the older ladies got off with her little dog that she was holding. As the elevator begins to move again, I feel a hand sliding up the inside of my left thigh. The hand ever so slowly moving, lightly caressing my thigh as it works its ways upwards.

The lift stops again, to deliver the next resident to her floor. As it comes to a stop, the lady turns to acknowledge the handsome gentleman and me.  I really believe that the look on my face said it all. There was a slight guff as she turned and left the elevator. Now there is only me, alone with my newfound friend. His hand has now found my naked pussy. My breathing is now faster and deeper.

His hand is now cupping my crotch that is getting wetter by the second. His fingers are lightly stroking my clit while he is gently moving this thumb into my juicy hole. As he moves closer to me from behind, his other hand comes up gripping my breasts. Still in silence, he begins kissing my neck starting from the back ever so softly moving around. He turns me around to face him and begins kissing me on the mouth, forcing his tongue into my mouth for exploration. By now, my back is firmly up against the wall of the elevator and his body is pressing hard against mine.

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I feel my charmer unbutton the bust of my sundress, which exposes my breast. He begins squeezing “the girls”, his tongue circling my nipples with intermittent sucking. My nipples are hard and wanting more. As he moves his body against mine, I can feel his erection filling his pants. I loosen his belt and unzip his pants. His blood red rod escapes and I grab it and start stroking. His hand is now palm up rubbing my entire pussy, so much that it is pulsating. His fingers are now filing my cunt.

His cock beckons me as I slide down to my knees take it into my hand and begin directing it through my lips into my mouth. In and out, it goes to my mouth with my tongue circling around its very tip. Sliding back up, he pulls the skirt of my sundress up to expose my hot, naked pussy. Lifting me slightly, he lifts me onto his hard cock. I am breathing so quickly that I feel like I might hyperventilate.

My pussy is swelled all around his cock as he thrusts it in and out. The thrusts are coming even faster. The tips of his fingers are rubbing my clit. My body quivers. It’s hot with excitement. My body convulses as I cream on his cock. My groans encourage him to begin thrusting long hard jabs. He begins to groan as though someone were pressing the air out of his chest. I can feel the release of his hot cum.

He is motionless for only a moment. Then he stands up straight and steps back pulling his pants up and zipping them. The elevator had stopped at the top floor, my floor. He smoothed his hair back with his hands and leaned in and holding my face, gave me a soft beautiful kiss.

Not a word was spoken as he walked out of the elevator and down the staircase to his floor. It all happened so fast. I’m speechless, but so satisfied. I collect my bag and pulling together the top of my sundress head out of the elevator. To the left and down the hall, once inside my door, I giggle with excitement. It had ended as quickly as it began.

I came to Paris for new experiences and to open myself up in a more sensual way.  What a way to jump-start this new part of my life.  If this is the “Welcome Wagon”, where do I sign up!

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